Welcome to OSCR!

Autism Speaks' Online System for Clinical Research.

OSCR was developed as a tool to accelerate the pace of research and keep families involved in the process. As autism research grows, so does the need for information. Researchers have expressed the need for more thorough data collection about participating families. One of the difficulties has always been the length of time it takes to gather these data. OSCR will allow our team to get information to scientists quickly through a series of online questionnaires that will be continually updated in an effort to quicken the pace of autism research.

OSCR will let you begin to participate in research studies between visits. This system was also designed to ease the burden on families participating in research. The need for more data collection creates a demand on families participating that can be discouraging. Our hope is not only that OSCR will allow you to keep connected by participating before and even in lieu of in-home visits, but will also allow you to go at your own pace to work with your busy schedule.

Thank you!

Thank you for your contribution! Our research program could not exist without your continued support and commitment. The research is only as good as the participation we receive from you.

New Look and Feel!

OSCR has a new look and feel - and a new way to sign in! Now you can sign in using your email address, so you don't have remember yet another username.

What happened to my old OSCR username and password?

If you had an OSCR account before we made this enhancement, you should have received an email notification at the address we had on file. As long as you register using the email address that received the notification, all of your forms and information will be accessible when you log in.

If you aren't sure which email address to use, or if it looks like your account is missing some information once you log into the new site, contact OSCRstaff@agre.org